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Saturday, April 23, 2011
By Portraits By Steven
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In business, as with many other things, that first impression is so important.  What kind of impression are you projecting with your business image?  Are you simply standing someone against the office wall and photographing them with a point and shoot camera?  Or worse yet, are you using the camera built into your cell phone?  Are you letting that friend of a friend or your sister-in-law who, "likes to take pictures", create photographs that are going to be used in your business? 

This gentleman values using professional portraits for his business because he places a high value on his business image.  His marketing department had a specific idea for the look and feel that they wanted for an updated portrait.  After reviewing my portraiture and speaking to me about their ideas, they knew I could achieve that look for them.  If it is time to update your business portrait or even produce your first business portrait, call Portraits by Steven at (919)292-1600.  Go to to view more business portraits.