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Saturday, April 30, 2011
By Portraits By Steven
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I love photographing this clients children.  She arrives with outfits and props that have so much family history.  In this first portrait her son is in a gown that has been in her family since the late 1800's and was made by a family member.  Her father slept in this cradle when he was a baby and the blue blanket was made by her mother for this son.  Her mother has made a blanket for each of her grandchildren when they are born.  I admire they way this family is firmly attached to its roots.

This handsome little man is now wearing an outfit that his father was photographed in as a little one.  I replicated images that were made of the father at this age.  I also created a finished product that looks much like the one that was created of the father, a composite portrait.  If you have something special that you would like created please call me at (919)292-1600 so that we can discuss your ideas.  You may also view more of my portraits at