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Monday, June 04, 2012
By Portraits By Steven
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Capturing those special moments with your newborn is a priceless experience and at Portraits by Steven, we value the importance of making a photography session as relaxing as possible for each of our clients; especially new mothers. We understand that it is not always convenient for families with infants to travel to the studio and we invite mothers to take the opportunity to have their newborn sessions in their own home.


Creating a portrait in your home is an intimate and personal setting for you and your newest bundle of joy, and much like a studio session, it can be as formal or casual as you envision. Infants, particularly premature newborns, are more comfortable during home photography sessions because they are in a familiar, loving environment. As a result, this calm atmosphere produces photographs that best depict the baby’s personality and charm.


Although your home may not have the equipment or props typically seen in a photography studio, Steven is a master of lighting, including studio light, natural light and window light. As an artist, he is able to produce a wonderful work of art from the décor, setting and original props in your own home. There is no compromise on quality or additional fees for this service and the result beautifully captures your family in its most loving setting.