On My Way Home
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Saturday, April 06, 2013
By Steven Ashmore
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I decided to take the long way home from the studio today.  Beautiful clouds have always intrigued me and today there was no shortage of them to behold.  I kept looking for some place to stop where I could not only observe the clouds at leisure but also capture some images to share with others.  There is a pond between Southern Pines and Sanford that has always caught my eye because of the rustic look it has.  This pond coupled with the beautiful sky was just what I was looking for.  Since I am primarily a portrait photographer it is not often that I get the pleasure of spending even a few minutes to photograph God’s gorgeous scenery.

 Solitary trees can take on such a majestic stance and when given the room to spread out their branches they can have a beautiful shape.  I always look over at this tree whenever I happen to pass by this way.  My thought has been to photograph it in each season.  Maybe this is the beginning of that series of photographs. 

 Once I reached my house I observed this moss that was glistening in the backlight that illuminated it as I drove past the front of my property.   I think moss can take on a richness in color that is absolutely gorgeous, especially after a day of rain like we just experienced.  If we just take a moment to look around us there are so many jewels of nature that are there just for the taking. 

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