Why a Professional Photographer?
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016
By Portraits By Steven
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Why a Professional Photographer?


When choosing a photographer, always consider the quality of the portraits and the time your photographer invests in you and your family. Attention to detail and creativity is vital in any photography session. If your photographer recycles the same poses or does not provide you with the personal dedication and time your portrait deserves, then you are not working with an artist. An artist knows how to use his tools properly with every client in any location. And whether it is in the portrait studio or at an alternate location of your choice, at Portraits by Steven your memories will be captured by a photographer whose sole focus is to create timeless art that you and your family will treasure.  

Individuals entering into photography as a hobby may have lower prices, but the smaller expenses reflect the quality of the portraits as well as the lack of customer service.  Many of these hobbyist offer only paper prints or disks containing your images.  A professional photographer’s prices, however, typically include costs for many outside expenses, but also for his vast knowledge and experience and are a wise investment when considering a photographer.  Never settle for poor service or a lack of variety in products for your family portraits.

For true professionals like Steven Ashmore, photography is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle. As a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America and with 39 years of experience, Steven delivers custom quality portraits that beautifully illustrate his clients’ personalities and their most precious moments together.  His vast portfolio exemplifies his knowledge of the craft and his passion, especially in maternity, newborn and child photography, demonstrates Steven’s ability to understand even his youngest clients and how to work with them for absolutely the best portrait.  


Portraits by Steven provides excellent customer service and offers a variety of options for your personal experience.  Customizable options for your session include canvas portraits, watercolor portraits, oil paintings and numerous varieties of traditional prints.  Baby albums and birth announcements are perfect to compliment a recent newborn photography session.  Plus an assortment of frames is offered to compliment your individual décor. 


So, why should you prefer a professional photographer?  Because custom portraiture is an investment in your family and their memories and at Portraits by Steven, we know what you want and what you deserve…..Portraits That Touch Your Heart.

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