Monday, October 17, 2016
By Portraits By Steven
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Fall is always such a busy time of year in the studio and this year is no different.  Family portraits in the fall are so popular as well as portraits of children.  Portraits by Steven is participating in several events sponsored by Downtown Sanford Incorporated, the Jack-o'-Lantern Trail, Downtown Trick or Treating and Downtown Holiday Open House.  One of our "Annual Events" Portraits with Santa Claus is just around the corner.  We are bringing back Home for the Holidays so be sure to plan ahead.  Be sure to read on to find out all of the details. 

Family Portraits 

Autumn is such a gorgeous time a year and is the perfect time for family portraits.  Is it time for your very first family portrait or are you at the point where you need to update your family portrait?  Don't let another moment slip away!  Steven will sit down with you and design your family portrait.  From clothing, to style, to the place where your finished portrait will be displayed in your home, all of this and more is just part of the process that we go through with our clients.  Call 919-292-1600 today to set up your portrait consultation.   

Jack-o'-Lantern Trail 

Portraits by Steven will be participating in the Inaugural Downtown  Jack-o'-Lantern Trail.  Downtown Sanford Inc. is sponsoring a storefront Jack-o'-Lantern Trail nightly from October 24-31.  Participating merchants will decorate a pumpkin and display it in their window.  Go to or  if you go to their web site at, click on their event calendar for more information.  

Downtown Trick or Treating

Bring your children to downtown Sanford on October 29 from 12 noon until 6 pm for family friendly trick or treating.  Participating merchants will be handing out goodies to children dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Portraits by Steven will be participating as well.  In addition to handing out goodies we will be offering free images of your child dressed in their Halloween costumes.  The free image will be a web ready image file that you can share on social media or you may purchase a 5x7 finished portrait for a $5 donation to the Lee County Partnership for Children.  Special packages will also be available with a portion of those proceeds being donated to the Lee County Partnership for Children.  So come out for fun, treats and to help out with a good cause.  Please cash or check only, no credit cards will be accepted.   

Downtown Sanford Open House 

Come by Portraits by Steven for a visit and refreshments during the Downtown Sanford Open House on Sunday, November 6, from 12 noon to 5 pm.  Participating merchants will have special offers and promotions as well as holiday cheer and caroling.  

Santa Portraits - November 12

Our Annual Event, Santa Portraits, has been a mainstay since our studio's inception.  If you want your child photographed with Santa Claus this is the event that you do not want to miss.  These are not just any old Santa Portraits.  Your child has their own personal time for a visit with Santa Claus while Steven captures those special moments in his own special way. We will have special collections available so call 919-292-1600 to reserve your spot for November 12.  Call now!!! 

Home For The Holidays

Steven is bringing back Home For The Holidays.  Celebrate your family with an in home portrait session to capture portraits of your family while everyone is home for the holidays.  There are a very limited number of sessions available so don't delay in scheduling yours.  Call Steven at 919-292-1600 to schedule your portrait consultation.  


Wednesday, August 31, 2016
By Portraits By Steven
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Why a Professional Photographer?


When choosing a photographer, always consider the quality of the portraits and the time your photographer invests in you and your family. Attention to detail and creativity is vital in any photography session. If your photographer recycles the same poses or does not provide you with the personal dedication and time your portrait deserves, then you are not working with an artist. An artist knows how to use his tools properly with every client in any location. And whether it is in the portrait studio or at an alternate location of your choice, at Portraits by Steven your memories will be captured by a photographer whose sole focus is to create timeless art that you and your family will treasure.  

Individuals entering into photography as a hobby may have lower prices, but the smaller expenses reflect the quality of the portraits as well as the lack of customer service.  Many of these hobbyist offer only paper prints or disks containing your images.  A professional photographer’s prices, however, typically include costs for many outside expenses, but also for his vast knowledge and experience and are a wise investment when considering a photographer.  Never settle for poor service or a lack of variety in products for your family portraits.

For true professionals like Steven Ashmore, photography is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle. As a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America and with 39 years of experience, Steven delivers custom quality portraits that beautifully illustrate his clients’ personalities and their most precious moments together.  His vast portfolio exemplifies his knowledge of the craft and his passion, especially in maternity, newborn and child photography, demonstrates Steven’s ability to understand even his youngest clients and how to work with them for absolutely the best portrait.  


Portraits by Steven provides excellent customer service and offers a variety of options for your personal experience.  Customizable options for your session include canvas portraits, watercolor portraits, oil paintings and numerous varieties of traditional prints.  Baby albums and birth announcements are perfect to compliment a recent newborn photography session.  Plus an assortment of frames is offered to compliment your individual décor. 


So, why should you prefer a professional photographer?  Because custom portraiture is an investment in your family and their memories and at Portraits by Steven, we know what you want and what you deserve…..Portraits That Touch Your Heart.

Friday, February 26, 2016
By Portraits By Steven
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There are some portraits that just make you smile when you view them.  Children’s portraits often do that.  Now when you combine a child with a pet bunny, you have unbeatable combination.  We took a few moments this afternoon to peruse our files to find kids photographs that touch your heart and put a smile on your face.  

Our Spring Portrait Special is being held March 3, 4 and 5.  Call 919-292-1600 to schedule your child for a portrait session where will they will have so much fun that they do not even realize they are being photographed.  We will have special packages available for this event so you don’t want to miss out.

Remember to call Steven at 919-292-1600!

Portraits That Touch Your Heart

Friday, May 17, 2013
By Portraits By Steven
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Classic, formal bridal portraits are one of those special portraits that are cherished by a bride and her family for many years.  Too often brides skip these sessions and regret it later.   The young lady in this blog post has a long history with Portraits by Steven.  Steven has created a family portrait of Stephanie with her sisters and mother, he photographed her high school senior portrait as well as the senior portraits for each of her sisters and just last April he photographed her sister Heather’s wedding.  Today is the big day for Stephanie.  Stephanie and Brian are getting married at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, North Carolina.   Portraits by Steven is honored to be invited once again to capture such important photographs for this dear family.  The following section of this blog post was written by Stephanie.  It reflects her thoughts about her Bridal Portrait experience.  As a footnote Stacy and Steven were not aware at the time of her session about her apprehension to having her bridal portrait created.  They were just doing what they normally do – set their subject at ease and have them enjoy the experience. 

  “So, I have a confession.  I did not want to have my bridal portraits taken. I actually shirked away from the idea.  It may sound strange; especially for a bride in the South where bridal portraits are tradition, but I could not convince myself otherwise.  


  Four years ago, I had extensive surgery on the left side of my face and neck due to a rare bone cancer localized in my jaw. The physician gently informed me that I would have visible scars and numbness in each of these areas, but despite the news, I felt that the scars would be reminders of the Lord’s provision and grace through my healing process and I hoped that my story would become a source of encouragement for others. – Stephanie

The last image that Steven created of Stephanie was her twirling in her wedding dress.  You see, ballet had played a big part in Stephanie's life since she was a little girl and gave her much joy.  Steven wanted to give Stephanie a very special moment dancing around in her wedding gown.  Isn't that one thing that most little girls dream of?

Saturday, April 06, 2013
By Steven Ashmore
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I decided to take the long way home from the studio today.  Beautiful clouds have always intrigued me and today there was no shortage of them to behold.  I kept looking for some place to stop where I could not only observe the clouds at leisure but also capture some images to share with others.  There is a pond between Southern Pines and Sanford that has always caught my eye because of the rustic look it has.  This pond coupled with the beautiful sky was just what I was looking for.  Since I am primarily a portrait photographer it is not often that I get the pleasure of spending even a few minutes to photograph God’s gorgeous scenery.

 Solitary trees can take on such a majestic stance and when given the room to spread out their branches they can have a beautiful shape.  I always look over at this tree whenever I happen to pass by this way.  My thought has been to photograph it in each season.  Maybe this is the beginning of that series of photographs. 

 Once I reached my house I observed this moss that was glistening in the backlight that illuminated it as I drove past the front of my property.   I think moss can take on a richness in color that is absolutely gorgeous, especially after a day of rain like we just experienced.  If we just take a moment to look around us there are so many jewels of nature that are there just for the taking. 

Please visit my web site at to view some of my portrait work.  You may also reach me at 919-292-1600 to discuss your family’s portrait needs.